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Network Marketing Tips For Beginners

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Tips For Begineers

“I’ve never got anything out of these events”

Those were the first words uttered when we started our marketing business & attended a local networking event.

It was with the chamber of commerce, we printed some leaflets that we weren’t allowed to use, we sat together & finally did not sit near enough the food, it was at this point the famous last words spilled forth.

Not a moment later a stranger tapped me on the shoulder & asked if we were at the end of the queue for food, I turned & confirmed we were to be greeted by the magical phrase…

“Are you the telemarketing people? I have been looking for you”

The wait for the food turned into a productive conversation & we secured our first client! 1/1 for network marketing!

Since then we have actively used networking as a successful way of marketing our business for referrals & recommendations.

We do have a section in our Presentation Techniques course about delivering an elevator pitch at these events but we thought we would compile a short list of Tips For Beginners that might be useful.

10 Top Tips For Beginners

    1. Guaranteed conversation starter. Head for the refreshment table & ask someone to either pass you something or pass something to a complete stranger, whether it is the milk or you simply offer to pour some water, they’ll say something & you just have to ask if they have been before…….. it is that simple!

      Conversation Starter

    2. Don’t try to sell to the room, build relationships but make a note of the types of referrals a fellow networker needs & follow up with any relevant contacts afterwards.
    1. How much to spend? Well free events can be good for meeting new people & giving you confidence, try your local chamber of commerce. If you have to pay our none scientific rule is if you only eat with your hands pay between £10-15 cutlery £25-30 (quite accurate!)

      Pay Extra To Use Cutlery

    2. If you see anyone on their own, go & talk to them, they might be more apprehensive than you are!
    3. If there are two of you don’t sit together, no one wants to here the same pitch twice & you can get around the room more efficiently as well.
  1. Read peoples body language, if a group is huddled together you are going to find it hard to get your way into their conversation, look for people who are standing in open groups, laughing or joking is also good.

    Read Body Language

  2. Ask for some help from the organiser, they will probably introduce you to the group or individuals who will do the same.
  3. If there is a competitor in the room, good! That’s two people doing what you do!
  4. Follow up with either a quick e-mail, via social media or LinkedIn.
  5. Enjoy it you are probably going to be the only expert in the room doing what you do, you have the passion & the drive to be there in the first place, go for it!

We hope these tips give you a bit more confidence, if it has please share it using the buttons below, follow us for more information about courses & workshops.

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